Volume 85

Issue 1


The Special Problem of Banks and Crime Gregory M. Gilchrist

Copyright Trolls and Presumptively Fair Uses Brad A. Greenberg

Murder, Minority Victims, and Mercy Aya Gruber

Casenotes & Comments

Avetisyan’s Limited Improvements Within the Overburdened Immigration Court System Kristin Bohman

Who May Hire Teachers: How Mutual Consent Fits Into the Current Colorado Hiring Framework Amanda R. Levin

Preserving Baseball’s Integrity Through Proper Drug Testing: Time for the Major League Baseball Players Wolfgang S. Weber

Issue 2


Food for Thought: Genetically Modified Seeds as De Facto Standard-Essential Patents Benjamin M. Cole, Brent J. Horton, & Ryan Vacca

The New Nexus Anjum Gupta

Mass Arbitration and Democratic Legitimacy David Horton

Casenotes & Comments

Swing State Rulings on Restrictive Voting Laws Highlight the Need for Comprehensive Electoral Reform Michael LaVigne

A Colorado Child’s Best Interests: Examining the Gabriesheski Decision and Future Policy Implications David Meschke

Misadventures in Indian Law: The Supreme Court’s Patchak Decision Anna O’Brien

Issue 3


Holistic Climate Change Governance: Towards Mitigation and Adaptation Synthesis Katherine Trisolini

Whole-System Agricultural Certification: Using Lessons Learned from LEED to Build a Resilient Agricultural System to Adapt to Climate Change Mary Jane Angelo & Joanna Reilly-Brown

Comparative Institutional Competency and Sovereignty in Indian Affairs Michalyn Steele

Casenotes & Comments

Regulating Hydraulic Fracturing Through Land Use: State Preemption Prevails Kevin J. Duffy

Meaningful Consultation with Tribal Governments: A Uniform Standard to Guarantee that Federal Agencies Properly Consider Their Concerns Michael Eitner

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? The Fallout from the Colorado Supreme Court’s Decision in COGCC v. GVCA Luke Mecklenburg

Issue 4


“Whiffs of Federalism” in United States v. Windsor: Power, Localism, and Kulturkampf Marc R. Poirier

The Spending Power and Environmental Law After Sebelius Erin Ryan

Essays & Speeches

Unbundling Federalism: Colorado’s Legalization of Marijuana and Federalism’s Many Forms Jessica Bulman-Pozen

Immigration and Cooperative Federalism: Toward a Doctrinal Framework Ming H. Chen

Cooperative Federalism and State Marijuana Regulation Sam Kamin

Fracking as a Federalism Case Study Amanda C. Leiter

Exit, Voice, and Loyalty as Federalism Strategies: Lessons from the Same-Sex Marriage Debate Ernest A. Young