Law Review Alumni Networking Reception

Every year, the Law Review invites current members and alumni to come together for food, drinks, and fun!

For information about this year’s event, check out the Upcoming Events page.

Law Review Alumni Board

Beginning in Fall 2015, a small group of Law Review alumni and the recently graduated Editor-in-Chief will serve on the Law Review Alumni Board. The Alumni Board consists of five Law Review alums, including one member of the most recent Executive Board. Members of the Alumni Board serve as representatives for other alumni by providing institutional memory and guidance to the current board, assisting with new member recruitment each spring, and working with the current board to host the annual alumni mixer. Members of the Alumni Board are also invited to attend the annual Law Review Banquet. The Alumni Board meets three times per year either in person or via conference call. Each year, two members of the Board will step down, one of which will be the member from the previous year’s executive board, in order to make room for new alumni voices. The entire Alumni Board will work with the current Executive Board to appoint new members to fill the five seats for the next year.

Members of the Alumni Board offer their experiences on Law Review and in practice as panel speakers at recruitment events and as mentors to incoming, current, and recently graduated members. They are also honored at the Law Review Recognition Banquet each Spring.

The Alumni Board meets two to three times a year. We ask alumni to commit to one to two years of membership. If you are interested in volunteering to be a member of the Alumni Board, please email the Law Review.

Alumni Newsletters

Volume 85 (Issue 1) 


Alumni interested in receiving the Alumni Newsletter or information about subscriptions and upcoming events, please email the Law Review.