The University of Colorado Law Review has been the flagship academic journal at the University of Colorado since 1929. The Law Review is a general-interest journal of legal scholarship managed and edited by students and published four times per year. 

Members of the Law Review conduct independent legal research, prepare notes and comments for publication, and edit articles written by distinguished legal scholars and fellow members. The Law Review also publishes articles presented at the annual Ira C. Rothgerber Conference on Constitutional Law hosted by the Byron R. White CenterMembership also offers opportunities to rub shoulders with the large network of Law Review alums and allies.

The summer after 1L year, interested students may apply for membership through the annual writing competition known as Write-On. Members who meet the prescribed standards may receive up to six academic credits total during their two years of membership (2L & 3L year).

For more information, please email the Law Review at lawreview@colorado.edu.